EIC launches its new Logo and Visual Identity

01 June 2024

EIC – European International Contractors is pleased to announce that, as of today, we refresh our outmoded logo – devised at the turn of the millennium two decades ago - with a new visual identity that is a lot more clear, dynamic, bold, and contemporary.

The new EIC logo consists of three elements: A bold new icon, designed as lettermark of our federation initials, which epitomises the core characteristics that EIC and its members stand for: Precision – Stability - Teamwork.

The icon is enhanced with a logotype used to communicate the name of our federation and the tagline “Industry Federation since 1970”. Indeed, that was the year when Europe’s international contractors convened for their inaugural meeting back in the ‘golden age’ of European construction export activities.

An essential element of our refreshed visual identity is a new colour scheme and new typography. The colour code is a vibrant and intense shade of blue colour that captures attention, yet also represents professionalism and reliability. In a figurative sense, the colour blue illustrates our European provenance (bearing in mind the dominant colour of the EU flag) and our commitment to nature and sustainability (sky, water, universe). The combination of the bright blue lettering and the white background colour provides our new logotype with a clear contrast and, simultaneously, with an elegant flavour.

Our new font is rooted in classic humanist typefaces but comes with modern adaptions for digital use. Its geometric clarity helps attracting the reader’s eyes to our messages and positions and it underlines our values in the best possible way.

We sincerely hope that you like this new look and feel for EIC which will also be the guiding principle for our upcoming EIC website relaunch!