Global Powers of Construction 2020

10 August 2021

Deloitte has presented the fourth edition of its annual Global Powers of Construction study (GPoC) that ranks the top 100 global construction companies based on sales and the top 30 companies based on market capitalisation and international sales. The report gives insights in terms of the current macroeconomic expectations within the construction sector and forecasts its growth across major markets. It further analyses the key financial indicators of the leading players.

MEGA TRENDS for the Construction Industry

This year´s report further includes a section reviewing trends that have been shaping construction over the last few years or are expected to have a great impact in the near future. Megatrends such as population growth and urbanisation, climate change and decarbonisation of the economy and technology and digital transformation are considered to be driving growth for the coming years.

In its study, Deloitte finds that despite the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global construction industry was disrupted less than other industries during 2020. However, the pandemic has affected the growth outlook for the coming years, as the higher indebtedness caused by the increase in public spending required to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis may jeopardise the sustainability of public finances in some countries and, consequently, infrastructure investment possibilities. Thus, public-private cooperation will likely become a key option to ensure infrastructure investment.

The Key Findings of the Deloitte Report 2020:

  • The total revenue obtained by the GPoC companies in 2020 amounted to US$ 1,5 trillion, 3.7% higher than in 2019.
  • Chinese companies continue to dominate the top 100 ranking by revenues, with 6 companies in the top 10 in terms of sales. However, there is only one Chinese company in the Top 10 ranking by market capitalisation and two Chinese companies in the top 10 ranking by international sales.
  • In 2020 the GPoC obtained about 17% of total revenue outside their respective domestic markets, down from 19% of international sales in 2019.
  • The financial performance of the top 30 GPOC in 2020 was uneven, since the COVID-19 crisis didn’t affect all sectors and countries in which these companies operate to the same extent.

The full Deloitte Global Powers of Construction 2020 can be downloaded >> here.