Global Powers of Construction 2018

01 August 2019

Deloitte's annual Global Powers of Construction study (GPoC) is concerned with the performance of construction companies. The publication examines the strategies and performance of the most representative listed global construction groups in terms of revenue, market capitalisation, internationalisation, diversification, indebtedness and other financial ratios.

Overall positive outlook for construction industry in particular

In its study, Deloitte declares a particularly positive overall long-term outlook for the construction industry. Forecasts expect that construction as an industry will grow above global DDP growth over the next decade. The positive outlook stems from developments like population growth in emerging countries, a necessity for improved infrastructure in certain developed countries, as wess as trends in favour of residential development and expected investments in renewables and telecommunications.

In 2018, the aggregate sales of the Top 100 GPoC rose by 10% (2% in local currency) and amounted to USD 1.39 trillion. Market capitalisation decreased by 12% (-9% in local currency). The analysis was made on base of the main financial indicators reported on the major players of the industry: market position and performance in terms of internationalisation, market capitalisation, revenue, diversification, indebtedness, profitability and other financial ratios.

Top 30 main industry players assessed 

As a result of analysing internationalisation and diversification strategies, Deloitte determined the Top 30 main industry players. International and non-construction sales were in line with figures from the previous year, making up 21% and 22% circa of total sales, respectively. The biggest players in construction-related fields such as engineering, real estate, concessions and services were assessed with regard to their financial information and compared to the information of the GPoC.

Download the Deloitte GPoC here