The European construction industry plays an eminent role in the economic and social development of the European Union and it is arguably one of the largest employers in each of the respective EU Member States. Corporate Responsibility (CR) has become an integral element of the global business landscape. It forms part of our companies’ social consciousness by promoting their value system and ensuring responsible business conduct towards employees, business partners, society and the environment.

The construction value chain currently leaves a significant ecological footprint on our planet. As an industry, we as EIC want to openly address the consequences of our respective activities and seek ways to reduce our environmental impact. The increased focus on sustainability, resource efficiency, recyclability and use of renewable energy has provided us with opportunities to perform better and to distinguish ourselves on the global market. Social and ethical issues, such as supply chain responsibility, the elimination of unethical behaviour and providing a better work environment for employees throughout the value chain, are increasingly important to many international clients, their financiers, and for the civil society.

This is why European international contractors look at their CR obligations not just from a risk perspective, but also from a business opportunity perspective. Through this publication, EIC wish to inform our clients, partners and all interested stakeholders on our respective achievements over the past years. We have decided to share our perspective and report good practice examples to demonstrate in practical terms how we have implemented CR practices in our daily international operations.

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