Willkommen in Wien –
Welcome to Vienna

European International Contractors and its Austrian Member Federation VIBÖ (Vereinigung Industrieller Bauunternehmungen Österreichs) welcome you to the EIC Spring Conference 2018 in Vienna, and to the associated workshop on:

 A Preview on the European international contractor of the Year 2025 – Upcoming Trends and Challenges to be managed.

The Workshop will commence with key-note presentations on the future developments in the international construction market and on the productivity transformation that has taken place in the automotive industry in order to better understand the potential challenges arising for European contractors’ international business as we know it. Subsequently, knowledgeable experts from two professional service companies will set out in two impulse presentations probable scenarios with regard to the future value chain in international construction and the technology trends to be watched. Their observations shall be taken up by a high-level panel of senior executives from leading European international contractors and consulting companies, moderated by a renowned Austrian journalist and TV presenter.

Vienna, Austria's grand capital on the Danube river, has topped the list of cities offering the highest quality of life for several years in a row, and is home to a number of epic architectural ensembles and fashions, from classical Baroque designs to more modern creations, such as the world-famous Hundertwasserhaus.

Austria's capital is worth visiting not only for its splendid architecture but also for its art collections, its parks and its many excellent restaurants and beautiful café houses.

Enjoy your stay!

Hans Peter Haselsteiner, VIBÖ President & Philippe Dessoy, EIC President