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Twice a year, in spring and autumn, representatives of all member companies are invited to gather for the EIC General Assemblies which are followed by a Workshop. These Workshops are either topic-related and highlight particular framework conditions important for all European international contractors, such as export credit insurance, guarantees or influence of IT on construction, or they examine the present situation in the construction market of a specific region. At these occasions, expertise is brought into the discussion from outside the industry by engaging high-level speakers from various institutions to contribute to the discussion.

Workshops held from 2011-2015

Smart Cities - International Opportunities for European Contractors
Brussels, 7 October 2016

New Digital Technologies for Construction and their Impact on Contractual Relationships
Berlin, 22 April 2016

Connecting Partners - Supply Chain Responsibility in International Construction Projects
Rotterdam, 9 October 2015

World Market Orientation for European Contractors
17 April 2015, Florence

Prospects for European Contractors on the African Construction Market
17 October 2014, Porto

The Impact of Innovative Contract Models on the Planning and Execution of Large and Complex Projects
11 April 2014, Belfast

Global Trends in PPP and Project Finance Markets
18 October 2013, Seville

Risk Management in International Projects - Tools for Contractors
26 April 2013, Helsinki

Challenging Construction Markets in Central and South Eastern Europe
19 October 2012, Vienna

Emerging Market Opportunities in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
27 April 2012, Istanbul

High Quality and Fair Competition for Africa's Infrastructure Market
28 October 2011, Paris

Prerequisites for Success when Constructing Large International Infrastructure Projects
08 April 2011, Copenhagen

Latest Workshop

Sustainable Solutions for Urban Areas – Business Opportunities for European contractors in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals
Copenhagen, 21 April 2017


Welcome to Denmark and Introduction of the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Jesper Arkil, EIC Board Member, CEO of Arkil

Keynote Address
Anders Samuelsen, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Workshop Introduction   
Philippe Dessoy, EIC President, BESIX

Climate Change and the Infrastructure Sector
James Stewart, Chairman Global Infrastructure, KPMG

Preparing for Growth in London:
A Strategic Infrastructure Investment Plan
Jeremy Skinner, Head of Economic Growth, Greater London Authority
Mathieu Mazenod, Principal Policy Officer Growth and Infrastructure, Greater London

Roundtable Discussion and proposals for possible solutions provided by European contractors
Moderator: Verner Kristiansen


Climate Change and the Water Sector
James Stewart, Chairman Global Infrastructure, KPMG

Adaptation of Hamburg's Water Infrastructure to Climate Change
Christian Günner, Director Systems Development, HAMBURG WASSER

Roundtable Discussion


Climate Change and Developing Countries
James Stewart, Chairman Global Infrastructure, KPMG

World 2030: Growth through Sustainable Development
Morten Ellkjaer, Head of Green Growth, Danida

The EU’s Support to Partner Countries to tackle the Challenges of Rapid Urbanisation
Paolo Ciccarelli, Head of Unit Water, Infrastructure & Cities, DG DEVCO, European Commission  

Roundtable Discussion    

Conclusion & Closing Remarks