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25 Apr 2016

EIC 2016 Spring Conference: New Digital Technologies for Construction

EIC held its Spring Conference in Berlin with a workshop on “New Digital Technologies for Construction and their Impact on Contractual Relationships”.

More than 130 participants attended the EIC General Assembly and Workshop on 21-22 April 2016 in Berlin where a distinguished workshop panel discussed the effects of new digital technologies for construction and their impact on contractual relationships between clients, contractors and sub-contractors.

Following an introduction by EIC President Philippe Dessoy, the speakers of the first panel, Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Software, Dominic Thasarathar of Autodesk and David Philp of AECOM, outlined how the new digital technologies are bound to change the production process in the construction industry. Once implemented in the daily operations of the parties, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other digital technologies would lead to more teamwork, trust and knowledge within the team and thus to better quality and productivity.

Workshop Session 2 focussed on the impact of BIM and other software solutions on the contractual relationships between the construction parties. Frank Betzelt of construction machinery specialist Wirtgen outlined how digital technologies affect business, while Lars Ostenfeld Riemann of consulting giant Rambøll pointed out the benefits for the project team. Peter Westin of Skanska closed the session by showing how exactly the new construction technologies were used in the case of a large PPP project in Sweden. The panellists agreed that the construction sector is in a transition process towards an increased level of digitalisation but emphasised that the respective progress would be organic rather than revolutionary.

Session 3, moderated by Ilka May of planen bauen 4.0, a German platform to promote the use of digital technology in construction, focussed on the perspective of policy makers. Mark Bew, Chairman of the UK BIM Task Group, presented the UK Experience with New Digital Construction Technologies, while Lutz Koeppen of the European Commission's DG GROW outlined how the use of BIM can be established under EU Procurement Rules. They expressed support to the EU BIM Task Group which has the mandate to submit recommendations to public procurers and policy makers as how to introduce BIM and other digital technologies to their public works and strategies.

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