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15 Nov 2016

EIC Presentations at EY European Construction Roundtable

EIC President Plilippe Dessoy and EIC Vice President Wouter Remmelts participated at the European Construction and Infrastructure Roundtalbe organised by EIC's Associated Company Member EY on 15 November 2016 in London

The conference agenda covered topics from digital disruption, to the UK’s infrastructure pipeline, to the effect of Brexit on the construction sector. Several themes emerged as hot topics on the day: a sense of optimism around opportunities for infrastructure investment in the UK and US; the challenges in sourcing labour in the post-Brexit UK; the continuing global dominance of Chinese construction companies; the effect of new, disruptive technologies on the industry, on the skills base and on the potential for new competitors; and how risk should best be shared between parties in the industry.

President Dessoy, gave an overview of EIC’s key initiatives, such as promoting fair and balanced contract conditions and quality-based procurement rules that consider more than just the lowest price. He emphasised that EIC is a “friendly reviewer” of the standard forms of contract of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) forms and lobbies against their misuse. EIC also monitors the implementation of the EU and the World Bank procurement policies and is liaising with the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) to help shaping the new standardised anti-bribery management system.

Vice President Remmelts informed the audience about the high social, environmental corporate standards, based on the OECD rules and regulations, that European international contractors apply in their daily international business activities. He demonstrated EIC’s sustainability matrix, which structures corporate responsibility aspects around four categories, namely “People” (labour conditions, health and safety, human rights), “Planet” (climate change, greening operations, resource efficiency), “Prosperity” (adding value in local communities, engaging stakeholders, continuous learning and know-how transfer), and “Good Governance” (business ethics, supply chain management, anti-bribery).

EIC Presentations EY European Constr. Roundtable