Velkommen til København -

WELCOME TO Copenhagen

EIC and its Danish Member Federation, DI Danish Construction (DI Byggeri), are pleased to welcome you to the EIC Autumn Conference 2024 in Copenhagen with a Workshop on:

Collaborative Delivery Models

Large and complex construction projects are inherently risky due to long planning horizons and numerous interfaces. Traditionally, in competitive tendering, some clients aim to offload as much risk as possible onto contractors. This practice has led under fixed-price contracts to an unsustainable industry and fosters an adversarial relationship and a ‘silo mentality’. Gladly, many large and complex infrastructure projects are moving away from traditional fixed-price contracts and some clients are designing innovative governance structures to manage project delivery. 

The EIC Workshop in Copenhagen aims to explore the potential of collaborative delivery models in establishing balanced contracts with an adequate risk profile, thereby improving project outcomes and future business prospects. Clients from the Nordic countries are prepared to share their experience and lessons learned from collaborative delivery models, and knowledgeable experts will discuss the prerequisites for mainstreaming collaborative delivery schemes in potentially antagonistic environments.

We welcome you to Copenhagen, the city on the strait of Øresund, which is located on a peninsular and includes several major islands. With a population of nearly 1.4 million, Copenhagen is one of Europe's smaller capitals, but also one of the noteworthier ones, as it is currently the World Capital of Architecture. The city houses one of the oldest monarchies in the world  and has a history tracing back to the Viking Age. Copenhagen is also a city of culture and has always been. Amongst its important historical inhabitants are author Hans Christian Andersen, astronomer Tycho Brahe and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. 

For a city as compact as Copenhagen, the best way to explore it is undoubtedly on foot. Starting a tour at Nyhavn, the traditional rich and modern sides of Copenhagen are unmissable: historic and new buildings alternate along the shoreline, with highlights such as the opera house by architect Henning Larsen, which opened its doors in 2005. Perhaps you even find the time to see the iconic statue of the city: the Little Mermaid, based on the 1837 same named fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, was commissioned in 1913 and has been nestled on its perch ever since, with a short ‘excursion’ to Shanghai for the Expo 2010.

Enjoy your stay!

Jesper Arkil, Danish EIC Board Representative & EIC Treasurer

Benoît Chauvin, EIC President